The Work

“Equine Natural Movement is a career that calls you to use your brain and your body with your heart and soul.”

The five sessions of the Equine Natural Movement series educate the horse’s nervous system and connective tissue system by rebalancing and repatterning the way the horse uses his whole body. With each session, the horse becomes aware of himself in a new way that is more natural and graceful.

Natural Movement practitioners use their hands to sequentially unwrap accumulated restrictions and to teach the horse where his holding patterns are. Through this work the practitioner gently directs and guides the horse to a more balanced relationship with gravity. Using well established principles of Structural Integration, practitioners re-educate the fascial (connective tissue) system of the equine body, helping the horse to regain a joyful energy-building experience in movement.

The work is done in a manner that promotes trust and is respectful of the being inside the horse’s body. Creating trust and a kind-hearted relationship with the horse is a core teaching of the work.

As chronic adhesions release their hold, the compromises the horse developed in his body and movement fade. Freedom of movement emerges as the different layers of tissue glide more effortlessly over one another, helping the horse establish a better sense of the ground, his relationship to it and to the gravity that supports him. This has the overall effect of bringing greater power and rhythmic grace to the horse’s gait.

As sessions progress, the horse’s balance becomes more refined and the destructive cycle of “restriction – compensation – imbalance” and the problems that come with chronic holding are avoided. The horse moves, feels, looks, and is more sound.

The Equine Natural Movement Series gives horses:

  • More graceful movement
  • Optimal overall performance
  • Power and strength through efficient use
  • Greater precision
  • A pervasive sense of bodily comfort and ease

To read more about what our clients say about the work and its effects on their horses, head over to this page. Horse Sessions

“From the beginning of class this felt like a great group, so much curiosity and life in one bunch of people. The teachers set a tone for us that made a profound difference in how we handled the horses and our ability to contact a deeper part of ourselves. Observing the changes in the horses I worked with convinced me of the value of this work. I needed to see something profound and, over and over, I witnessed, felt and sensed changes. I have tremendous respect for the depth and power of this work.”

Judith Hovetter, N.M.

Equine Natural Movement

Joseph working with Heidi Lowthrop’s horse, “Q” in Texas. Q had a difficult old injury that seriously limited his performance and prevented him from being shown

Heidi says….

“I have wonderful news about Q. He’s doing fantastic! After the last session we had a huge breakthrough and we have been going forward ever since. I even plan to show next year! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I don’t think you realize how much you have changed my life and my relationship with horses. The journey with Q has been amazing. I’ve learned more in the past two years handling his journey back to wholeness than I have in my 25 years working with horses.”