Sessions with Joseph

Joseph Freeman created the Equine Natural Movement series, a holistic and integrated method of repatterning the structure of the horse’s body. A balanced horse uses his muscles in harmony rather than one side working to compensate for the restrictions of the other, increasing range and ease of movement throughout the body. Sessions are done at a pace and depth that the horse easily accepts physically and energetically.

The Equine Natural Movement Series series consists of five sessions. The first three sessions are about a week apart, then the next two are spread out over the next four to six weeks. In between sessions, the horse and rider work together to integrate the changes into the horse’s movement pattern.

Sessions with Joseph Freeman

Sessions are available with Joseph Freeman. When he’s not teaching, he sees horses primarily in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, and sometimes travels to further areas. Contact him through the school.

Sessions with Joseph Freeman

Happily, we have many graduates who do this work in other areas. Ask us how to contact a nearby certified Equine Natural Movement Series graduate who was trained by Joseph.

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We assist our graduates in arranging clinics and sessions in many areas. Let us know if you’d like a practitioner to work with you or your group and we’ll see who we’ve got nearby.

Cost: Sessions with Joseph are $150 per session. Sessions are 60-75 minutes long. Most clients pre-pay for the series and receive the prepay discount of $700. Graduate prices vary. Ask your local practitioner what the cost is in your area.

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