Summer 2010


1. New Students September Class
2. Working with Horses
3. Upcoming Trainings, New Level Two October
4. Equine Wisdom in Bite Size Pieces
5. Presenting Nine New Graduates
6. Advanced Class Certifies Three
7. Three New Teachers Join our Faculty
8. Graduates at Work



Working with horses surely must be one of the top ten most desirable jobs in the world. This work seems to attract the most wonderful people and that makes us really happy.

Our next Level One course runs from September 26th to October 2nd. We have LOTS of inquiries. Thanks to all of you who have passed the word on about our classes. We much appreciate your support.



LAUREN KENNEDY of North Carolina, brand new graduate, working with an interactive horse. What a nice portrayal of the kind of communication we share with

Lauren Kennedy

each other during the work.

Recent comments from students about our school and classes …

“This is a great class that teaches you how to affect changes that truly honor the horse.”
— Nola Petrocelly, PT, Spokane, WA

“This class has returned my soul! This is the complete package — a beautiful farm, respectful teachers, the animals, and especially your desire to share all this with your students. Joseph’s teaching skills are exceptional. He encourages without pushing so we each are reaching for our individual best. Each student’s learning style is respected and nurtured. I have a complete renewal of confidence in myself. Now I feel that I can do the work I’ve been training for all my life.”
— Amy Pettis, horse owner, “Spartanburg, SC

… and here’s a note we received from one of the owners of a horse that was worked on by AMY PETTIS during her training in early summer. Way to go, Amy!

“Just wanted to tell you that I rode Dutch yesterday after his series and the difference is amazing. He is much more forward and free moving, not resistant to me. He felt so — I guess the word would be — fluid. Thanks so much. I think that this might be the missing piece of the Dutch puzzle! Hooray!”
— Kathy Lang, Vancouver, WA




September 26 – October 2

Level Two — It looks like our December class is going to be a full house so we’re adding an earlier Level Two class from October 3rd to the 9th. This is the first announcement about it so if you were thinking of doing the second level course and want to be here during apple cider season, let us know.

October 3 – 9
or December 5 – 11

November 7 – 13

Let me know if you’re thinking about the business class so I can pick a week day and time that works for everyone in it.

October 2010 to February 2011

Spring 2011

Speak with us. Dates set individually.



Would you like to take Mary Ann Simond’s EQUINE WISDOM class as a distance learning class? We’ll use live conference calls so you can speak together and online video so you can see how she works with horses and discuss what you’re learning. We haven’t worked out the length or cost yet but I am planning on it being shorter and less expensive. (Aren’t those magic words?) This class can be taken at any time during our training.

If you’re interested, please contact us. We’re “this close” to setting it up so if you’d like to learn more from Mary Ann and not wait until the Advanced Class next spring, do let us know. The classes will be a series of 90 minute sections with homework in between. If you’ve taken one of Mary Ann’s classes you already know, she’s a jewel of a teacher and knows an immense amount about how horses speak in their own language. You can ask her ANYTHING about horse interactions and she likely knows what’s going on. Once you can read a horse this well, your ability to work in ways they understand increases significantly.

See Mary Ann’s video on our faculty page:



In the past few months we’ve graduated nine wonderful practitioners. Congratulations to each of you for completing the course, doing all your homework, and having the skills to positively affect many more horses.

Applause please for …
BRAD PAULSON of Wichita, Kansas
CHAYA LANZ of Portland, Oregon
LINDA MALUF of Tucson, Arizona
SARAH SANDER of Tucson, Arizona
TONI CLARK of Forest Grove, Oregon
JENNY JONES of Vancouver, Washington
LAUREN KENNEDY of Cary, North Carolina
DEB CHICHOWSKI of Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
TABITHA WOOD of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Here’s what a few of our new graduates have to say about the course. Joseph and I are so grateful for your presence here. Our school is successful BECAUSE of you.

Jenny Jones with a BIG horse

“Joseph does a wonderful job matching horses to students. Each class I have had the horse that presented the exact right kinds of challenges to me.”
— Brad Paulson, SI, Wichita, KS

“This training opened my heart and hands. It gave me permission to be more open to my intuition. The learning happens on many different levels. Thank you for offering this training. I have loved every minute of it.”
— Chaya Lanz, Trainer, Portland, OR

“This is the best way possible to learn how to work on horses. It’s a total environment — horses, people and the farm. I was helped most by being appropriately challenged. Because of this class I am now more comfortable with horses and more comfortable with myself, my skill level improved and my spirit is nourished.”
— Toni Clark, LMP & Equine Massage



We’ve got three new Advanced Practitioners here, too. Each of them completed the 500 hours, worked on dozens of horses for their homework, and wrote plenty of papers to substantiate their understanding of the work. We’re mighty proud of them.

ALISON CROFTS of London, England, United Kingdom
TONI CLARK of Forest Grove, Oregon
APRIL JOHNSTON of Bozeman, Montana

*Next Advanced Class Spring 2011



Three of our graduates have completed the first phase of our Teacher Training program and can now mentor students who’d like to do the Level One course closer to home. MAGGIE MITTUCH (Port Orchard, WA), SARA COOPER (Los Angeles, CA), and APRIL JOHNSTON (Bozeman, MT) are off and running.

Sara Cooper

Sara is also an acupuncturist and a successful television series writer. She’s been through our training over the last few years and now has joined our adjunct faculty.

What a talented woman!




April is back home in cold Montana for the winter and getting started immediately with her first training. Go April!

April’s horse really liked her neck stretching to full length!






Maggie and one of her new mentoring students, AMY ZAHM, recently gave their first clinic for horse owners.

Maggie’s Clinic

Here’s a photo of the happy participants. Maggie on the far right, Amy on the far left.

*Next Teacher Training, speak with us






We’re so glad to know that each of you are creating such positive results. Maggie Mittuch and her husband, Nelson Mittuch, are trainers at the barn they own, Northwind Farm, in Port Orchard, WA. Maggie sent us this note about some recent work she did with three of their eventing horses …

Annie, an arab mare was slightly clubby on her right foot which gives her a very loaded left shoulder. The massive muscle development in her shoulder caused her to curve through her spine to the right. If you stood behind her you would see a slight C-shape in her body.

Annie is normally a hot mare who has a hard time relaxing in her routines. After Annie had the Equine Natural Movement series, she looks softer in her movement and has much more swing. Even her tail hangs more straight down and relaxed instead of swishing from side to side. In the show she scored a full SIX points under her normal range, and with a less experienced youngster riding her.

My husband’s mare, Tilly, has a tendency not to extend her shoulders in her trot and walk. I did some sessions with her and found tension and holding in her back caused by her saddle not fitting right. A new saddle followed. She is now an example of what a great horse, ridden by a great rider, in an excellent saddle, with a well tuned body can do. Formerly Tilly scored in the low 40s at her preliminary test level. She and Nelson laid down the best score of his professional career a few weeks ago — a 26!

Finally, my horse. Normally we score 37-39 on our preliminary tests. As a result of the series, my increased awareness of how he moves and how my body impacts him, and work to balance my own imbalances, we just scored our best test score ever, a 32. Another success story!


Once you’re home, whether you’re a student or a graduate, you can always pick up the phone or email us with questions about a horse you’re working with. We know how much that reassures our students and practitioners. We want you to know we’re here to stand behind you as you learn and grow.

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman

The Equine Natural Movement School
Bodywork that honors & respects the horse’s structure & spirit