A Good School in a Small Village

Our small village is a great environment for learning. Animals are treated with kindness and care, food from lush rural gardens (even in winter).

The Equine Natural Movement Series Professional Training

  • RESIDENTIAL CLASSES in the Village

    Learn a new way of living and working.

    Our classes are held in the peaceful village of Venersborg in southwest Washington. Students work with a variety of horses nearby. The land surrounding is home for many animals and wildlife among lush orchards, vegetable and flower gardens, quiet fields and woodlands where owls hoot at night and you can actually see the Milky Way. Students thrive. You’ll enjoy the calmness of rural life as you immerse in your studies.

    Having our students in a supportive community environment while they are learning contributes to each person’s growth and supports being around others in a kind, respectful way. Nearby is a 6-bedroom home on a private lake that most students stay at. Again, ask soon so we can get that firmed up.

    The delightful Miss Amelia with Jacqueline in the south pasture.

    At the student house, you’re invited to share tasks, help with meals and clean up. Take a rambling walk in the forest, make popcorn for an evening movie or play scrabble with friends. These local and genuine interactions give time to get to know one another. Students have made enduring friendships and created supportive working partnerships that last far beyond class time.

    Here’s where we live
    Friendly Haven Rise Farm

    Most classes are held in Washington and a few times a year we also hold classes in other locations. Some of our faculty are willing to travel for small groups. They’re VERY good. Read more about them on our faculty page.

    • Graduates of our Equine Structural Integration course have the opportunity to continue their education and learn to do Structural Integration with humans as well. Let us know if this interests you and we’ll talk more about how that program works.