Our Faculty

Each Equine Natural Movement Faculty member is a pioneer in their field. Chosen for their insight and intellect, extraordinary skill, patience with horses and students, and all round goodheartedness.

Equine Natural Movement Faculty

Joseph Freeman, founder

Equine Natural Movement Faculty 1
Joseph Freeman

Joseph is a creative, gifted practitioner who applied his work with humans to horses and in doing so, came up with a sequence of sessions that can provide a profound return to balance and flexibility for horses. Joseph is a certified Hellerwork Structural Integration™ practitioner who worked in a clinical setting with people for many years. As a favor to friends, he worked on their animals. Over time, the remarkable results he got convinced him that his true calling is horses.

After working in human Structural Integration, he created the Equine Natural Movement Series in 1995, began mentoring students in 1999 and training practitioners at his school in southwest Washington in 2001. He has taught and spoken about the Equine Natural Movement Series at professional schools and conferences across North America and Europe and been published in equine magazines and healthcare journals.

Joseph has skilled hands, a calm and patient manner and a deep love of animals. His work is well thought out and thorough. Most importantly, horses enjoy working with him.

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Jacqueline Freeman

Equine Natural Movement Faculty 2Jacqueline is the Training Director for the school so her fingers are in each part of the program. She is a former faculty trainer for Hellerwork Structural Integration and many years ago owned a holistic health center on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. She works on curriculum development, critiques student papers, teaches the business course, guides the independent study portion of each class, and orchestrates the continuing development of each student all the way to graduation and into their practices.

With great insight she sees the strengths of each student and works to bring out the best in them so they feel the joy of fulfilling their highest potential with this work. She is effervescently optimistic, thoroughly practical and deeply committed to honesty, ethics and passion.


These graduates of our Teacher Training now mentor students in their areas. We believe in their abilities and are really happy they have moved up to Equine Natural Movement Faculty. Eventually our goal is to train them in teaching the entire training so we have more satellite schools around the land. They can teach the Level One class in a 2 or 3-day weekend format or the consecutive week-long format. Students schedule their training directly with these teachers on dates they mutually agree on. After the Level 1 with these teachers, students can take Level 2 and 3 at the main school.

Sara Cooper

Sara has achieved quite a few impressive credentials in her life. She’s an acupuncturist and experienced holistic practitioner which you’d think would be enough for an average person, but Sara’s also an award-winning screenplay writer with many televised shows to her credit. Sara’s love of horses drew her to this work and now she’s one of our first adjunct faculty members. Sara practices in Portland OR and travels extensively. Sara may be able to work your training into her calendar.

Maggie Mittuch

Maggie Mittuch of Port Orchard, Washington

Maggie is smart, enthusiastic, and has many years in the educational field. She’s an avid competitor with years of experience working with horses. Maggie graduated from our Equine Natural Movement Faculty training and had her first student training enrolled so fast the ink had hardly dried on her graduation certificate. Maggie’s love of horses shines through in her work and is an inspiration to her students. Maggie practices in Port Orchard, WA, and is often in the eventing winner’s circle with her horses.

Maggie says, “My work continues to evolve.  I’m having good results and I love the work.  The combination of working to develop them under saddle, and working to support them through bodywork has led to the most amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience for me and for them and it spills over in to the rest of my life. I am in awe most every day. The horses induce you to be in the moment with them. It’s a lot like prayer. My young filly, Onyx (fractured skull as a weanling) is now magnificent under saddle.  We are having a blast. Monkey never ceases to amaze me with the breadth and depth of his heart and self belief.  He reminds me often that he really is a wild horse who is pretending to be tame so that he can live with me.”

Susan Chernak McElroy

Susan is the author of NY Times Bestseller, “Animals as Teachers and Healers” and other books that have been so well-received she is published in 20 languages. She has a deep and sacred connection with the animal world. Susan teaches on our business course Equine Natural Movement Faculty and helps our students learn how to best present themselves in print.