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Equine Natural Movement
Patty Evans

From Equine Natural Movement students:

Today I am in Palo Alto, CA., working on horses. In Albuquerque and Santa Fe I hooked up with some professional jumpers and their horses. I worked on the winner of the Grand Prix who introduced me to some wonderful people who really liked my work. I got really, really busy — one group asked me to come to California and another group asked me to go to Colorado to work on their horses so I am now on the road. I am getting great results. The gratitude I feel coming from the horses is almost overwhelming. THIS IS AMAZING WORK! I am so thrilled I am doing this.

— Patty Evans, Taos, New Mexico (traveling Equine Natural Movement Series practitioner and Hellerwork practitioner)

Equine Natural Movement
Melina Knoop

Joseph is an exceptional teacher. The learning atmosphere and teamwork is extraordinary. The teachers open their hearts to the students. I loved working with Joseph at the barns. Every time I worked on a horse, I understood more the power of the sessions. I am constantly surprised how much more there is to this work. I had a startling moment one day during my training when I suddenly realized I CAN DO THIS WORK — and now I am! I am so glad I decided to take this training because it has touched and changed all aspects of my life.

— Melina Knoop, Gig Harbor, WA


Faith Bushby

The Equine Natural Movement Series training I received from Joseph Freeman was exceptional. The explanations, descriptions and demonstrations of classroom and hands-on work were geared toward each student’s learning style. That allowed me to experience the work on many levels and made integrating it much easier. Joseph is patient and focused and the work is so wonderful and fun. I stayed at the Freemans’ farm during my trainings and it was a great pleasure. Joseph and his wife, Jacqueline, are generous, enthusiastic and profoundly genuine.

— Faith Bushby, Whidbey Island, WA


Equine Natural Movement
Jane Lynds

Joseph and Jacqueline, I want to thank you for your wonderful gifts. You both inspire such great confidence. It is such a pleasure to have to have instructors who treat their students as equals. Beyond what I learned with the horses, I learned some great lessons in life and how to be open to new ideas that I would have dismissed in the past. Taking this class was a risk for me, stepping out of my box. You and my classmates made it such a pleasant experience. Not only do I look at horses differently but I also look at people differently. I am much more tolerant, more patient and more aware of the energy they give off.

Jacqueline, thank you so much for your part in this program. I learned to look at myself and see my strengths and weaknesses and learn what to do with them. Your part of the program was the hardest for me and probably the most helpful. Joseph, the gift you have with horses is incredible. Thank you so much for passing it along to us. The feeling I get when I work on horses is so rewarding. I am not sure who I am healing more, the horse or me. I am walking away from this course knowing I can truly help horses. Thank you.

— Jane Lynds, Barre, MA

Jan Gillanders

I took the Equine Natural Movement Series training at a time in my life when I needed to reinvent myself. I have lived with horses the better part of my life, so I couldn’t imagine a better livelihood than one where I can give something valuable back to these gentle loving beings. I found it easy to commit to all three levels of the training and did the homework required between sessions. Under Joseph’s gentle guidance and excellent tutelage I feel confident to go forth and build a successful practice. Immediately out of the training I booked two clinics and had horses waiting for me to work with them.

— Jan Gillanders, Quilcene, WA

Equine Natural Movement
Jodie Sinclair

I don’t know how to express the gratitude for all I will take home with me. What phenomenal people to work with. I am so gateful for Allan’s heart and awareness. He has given me the biggest gift. It’s so incredible to get
such heartfelt attention and guidance from such gifted and knowledgeable people. You are changing lives here!

— Jodie Sinclair, Rhode Island




Mary Ann’s work is amazing and mind blowing. It is a great validation for me to have research to back up what I always “thought” was right.
Her approach to handling horses and understanding their behavior is something I will use every day from now on.

Amy Seale, Houston, TX




Karen Miller

Be prepared to learn as much about yourself as you will learn about the horse!

— Karen Miller, Hair of the Dog Farm, New Ipswich, N.H.






Stuart Bell

I felt welcomed, accepted, loved, and nurtured. I could know lots in one moment and in the next moment I could know next to nothing and still I felt totally accepted. Along with all that, the setting, accommodations, food, and everything else were sumptuous including the evenings of games and conversation. The countryside and the Freeman’s ten acre farm, Friendly Haven Rise, are lovely and restful. The course was outstanding for many reasons. It was fun, challenging, thought provoking, and satisfying. Horses are great clients and great teachers. They communicate in a down to earth, no-nonsense way. Seeing Joseph work in such a kindly respectful manner with horses, other animals, and people really inspired a new level of respect and kindness from me in all of my work.

— Stuart Bell, Structural Integration Trainer & Feldenkrais practitioner, Berkeley, CA

Gitta Sivander

This class prepares you for being ready to work with horses in your home community. It gives you a ton of confidence and you leave feeling ready to be a horse practitioner. Thank you for all your wonderful work and positive energy.

— Gitta Sivander, Germany




Brenda Douay

This course has made me more aware of horses as individuals and given me a lot more knowledge to work with. The work is very sensitive to horses and people. I found the entire course very enjoyable and beneficial.

— Brenda Douay, Chehalis, WA




Michelle Poirier

Wow! How can I ever thank you for this wonderful educational, and confidence-building experience? You each have a wonderful energetic flow that is clearly expressed and passed on when you teach. There is no way to describe how I feel about learning to build the bond and connect with each horse. Through your education and training I have blossomed into a person that horses trust. I want to thank you for introducing me to the equine world and giving me the knowledge, ability, training and outlook for a whole new passion for horses. Equine Natural Movement work is something that I will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

— Michelle Poirier, Southbridge, MA

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