Our Clients Say

Clients Speak about The Equine Natural Movement Series and the Horse Owner Clinics…

Joseph worked with both our our beloved horses, a 20- year old Friesian and a 16-year old Hanoverian. We have used several forms of complementary treatment for our horses, all which were beneficial, however, after the Equine Natural Movement work, we saw a significant improvement in the quality and integrity of their movement, and their physical comfort and muscle tone.

Although his work intensively addressed problem areas, the horses were very relaxed and accepting of the sessions. He never pushed them beyond their comfort level, so they let him work ever more deeply. We were also impressed that he always let us know which issues his work could most effectively address.

We highly recommend this work. It is of great benefit to anyone seeking to improve the fluidity, integrity and efficiency of their horse’s movement, and to anyone who wishes to maximize their horse’s overall physical and mental well-being. We are completely satisfied.

–Barbara Hort & Mark Girard, Dressage, Vancouver, WA

Alanna and Rolex

After participating in the horse owner’s clinic I have a better understanding of how a horse’s body works and how to improve the overall well-being of a horse. The hands-on clinic gave me the ability to keep my horse free of pain.

–Alanna Almgren, Owner, Issaquah WA






After riding a client’s horse I noticed he moved stiffly on one side. After these sessions, the way the horse carried himself very much improved. I recommend this work to all my clients.–Gina Garner, Dressage Trainer,

–Rockmeadow Farm, Issaquah WA

After sessions our horses travel with more lateral balance. This helps us fine tune their jump so they land on both leads.

–Jim Dahlquist, Trainer, Ringside Farm Hunters, Wilsonville OR

The Equine Natural Movement Series is incredibly powerful and remarkable. After two sessions my horse was able to canter without issue. Previously we had struggled for ten years with ear pinning, tail swishing, switching leads behind and general tension everywhere. Somehow Joseph’s work unlocked and released her patterns of holding tension and diminished adhesions that had been in her back for as long. My horse got all five sessions and she continues to improve months after the series was completed. Her topline and overall physique have changed so much she doesn’t look like the same horse. Her muscles are soft, supple and relaxed. She is mentally content and way happier.

— Amy Kendis, Saddle Fitter, Washougal, WA

While cantering, my mare misstepped and went down. I iced and walked her to relieve the stiffness, then used the techniques I learned in the horse owner clinic to help her through her crisis. It made such a difference! We were back to work in a week. I highly recommend the clinic. The skills are indespensible.

–Leslie Snyder-Anderson, Owner, Spanaway WA

I got my thoroughbred off the track. He went with his head high and hollowed his back. His right side was Nick-svery underdeveloped. He was a long term project. My chiropractor recommended Joseph’s work. I was skeptical, but after the second and third sessions, Nick started rounding his back up, accepting the bit, and moving his shoulder much more. I’m so glad Nick had the series. He changed dramatically. After the last session, I had a whole new horse. My dressage scores have come way up and his jumping improved. He now lifts his entire shoulder area over the jump, not just his knees. Months after his last session he continues to get stronger.

–Linda Stuckenschneider, Eventer, LaCenter, WA

My thoroughbred suffered a disabling injury to his pelvis and hind quarters. Since getting the Equine Natural Movement series , my horse is now training for his first dressage test with comfort and soundness! I didn’t know if he would ever be anything other than a pasture ornament and pet, but I am now confident he is on his way to being a graceful and happy show horse.

–Heather Cadwallader, Eventer, Vancouver, WA

My mare got a full series with Joseph and has regular maintenance sessions. She moves much more freely and is obviously happier.

–Wendy Meyers, Dressage Trainer, Homeport Farm, Redmond WA

Joseph worked on my 18 year old Dutch/Thoroughbred gelding, Randy. His conformation issues had created some curious holding patterns in his body. Despite chiropractic treatments, massage and corrective shoeing for much of his life, none of that was able to release the holding.

The Natural Movement Series that Joseph did with Randy made such an impact on his body. Before the work his muscles were so stiff from holding throughout that when touched they did not yield. Now they are soft are pliable and he moves much better.

Now he is able to do things that other horses take for granted, actions that had been quite difficult for him. Randy’s body changed dramatically, but his mind also improved. Now he’s more open and curious, more interested in what goes on around him. He is able to be a better partner in all we do together.

His willingness to try new things and how he feels underneath me is fabulous. Thank you, Joseph, for revealing the real Randy who has been trying to come out for a long time!

–Nancy Kittleson, Dressage, Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship, Edmonds, WA