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Start your lifelong journey at our equine career school

Equine career schoolOur horses want to meet you! Our equine career school teaches students to become professional equine therapists, successful practitioners who own and run their own businesses and spend their days working with magnificent steeds.

Classes are small — up to six students at a time — so each student gets plenty of personal attention. Most students complete our basic certification program in about a year.

Three times a year we offer a Module One, Module Two, and Module Three class, each a week long, here at our farm. Homework is done at home between modules and then students return for the next module a 4-6 months later. The Business course, homework assignments, and License Prep courses are completed at home, through conference calls and online. Classes add up to 440 hours of instruction. Upon graduation, graduates are certified as Equine Structural Integration practitioners and are qualified to sit for the Washington state licensure exam and become Licensed Equine Massage Therapists. Students from all states and countries are welcome!

New students begin with a Module One class at our farm. We’re located in southwest Washington near Portland, Oregon.

CTuition and Where to Stay

Classes are $2200 per module and we have payment plans if you need one.

Where will you stay? Nearby accommodations are reasonably priced ($325 for the week). Or you can try AirBnB. Ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Our school has trained students from most of the United States, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Columbia  Germany, and Australia. In 2018-2019 we completed our first European training. 

What do I learn in Module One?

Lauren Kennedy

In the first module, students learn how to do the first session of the five session series. We break the first session into its component parts:  Strokes and touch skills, the nature of fascia (connective tissue), safety, energetics, horse – human rapport, body language, and animal communication. Alongside all this, we gain understanding of what Structural Integration is and does.

We figure out the extent of imbalances and how those imbalances interact with the holding that permeates the horse’s body. We use our senses to find fascial imbalances and free them.  We examine each aspect in detail, providing plenty of hands-on-the-horses time to gain familiarity with each part.

We spend considerable hands-on time learning how to do the work in a way that directs the horse’s attention to his internal experience. This allows the horse to feel how his body unwinds in a gentle and deep way. His attention to the process helps him begin to express himself in his body in a manner that is unique to him, unburdened by the limitations in movement that are residues of past trauma.

In essence, the first few class days you’ll study and practice the pieces that make up a session. By the end of the week, you’ll know how te put all these streps together and deliver a full session. Once you go home and start your homework, you’re going to be practicing all this.

Over the next few months at our equine career school, you’ll complete your homework, practice sessions on horses in your area, read books, and write a 3 page college-level paper. Then it’s time to return for more training. By the time you come back for Module Two, you’ll be pretty proficient at delivering that first session.

Which is perfect because Module Two is where you’ll learn the next four sessions in the series. Upon completion of this module, you’ll know how to do the basic five sessions that make an Equine Natural Movement series. Module Three is where you go beyond basic skills and learn how to fluidly deliver the series to all manner of horses.

We offer Module One in a week long class.

Each module usually takes 4-6 months to complete. .

We’d love to see you at our equine career school!

Visit our homepage for more info about the courses, our farm, our training process, and how to apply. After you give that a read, let’s talk.

Ready to apply? Download our applications page here, and give us a call. Email Jacqueline at office@equinenaturalmovement.com (9am-7pm PST).