School News April 2017

Our school is certified by the National Board of Certification of Acupressure and Animal Massage (NBCAAM) and licensed by the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board as a Private Vocational School, and the Washington Board of Health as an Equine Massage School.

Just added — weekend class end of April

Smiling faces from our last Module Two Class. Whoopie!

Get Your License

Oh happy day — last month we received approval as a Vocational Career School and are now state licensed. In the past our affiliation with another school allowed our students to complete the requirements for licensure, but now our graduates can fulfill ALL the courses here and go directly from our school to test as a LICENSED ANIMAL MASSAGE THERAPIST.

As testament to the practitioner’s skills working with horses, this title just changed from “practitioner” to “therapist,” a significant upgrade.

To help students prepare for the test, we offer an exam-prep class. This course is tailored specifically to Washington state, however, enrollment is not limited to Washington students. Some states have similar requirements, while other states have few or no requirements. If your state has similar requirements as Washington to practice, you may want to take this course. Check with your state’s Board of Health to see what is required to practice equine massage or Structural Integration in your state.

Students working in the barn, learning to feel tissue and sense energy through their hands.

Shout-Out from a Student

This sweet note just came in from a student. Oh, what joy we have in our hearts when we hear stories like this.

“My horse has never liked having his face touched. It was something I just accepted as a quirk and didn’t push him to do it. While I was working on his neck during the fifth session, I moved in front of him and felt a huge pull toward his poll. I saw Joseph work on horses without touching them and thought I could try sending healing towards my horse, since I knew I couldn’t touch him. I focused on this area with my hand about two feet in front of his face and for the first time in the two years I have owned him, Valentine stepped forward, lowered his head and placed it directly against the palm of my hand. His eyes were fluttering, I could feel intense pulsing coming from his release, and when it dissipated, he shuddered all over, licked his lips and nuzzled up to me. He’s never been as affectionate as he was after that session; it was like a cord had been tied between us, and he stayed as close to me as he could the rest of the day. I was buzzing with a calm energy that lasted the rest of the afternoon. We really saw each other for the first time that day and when I think of this, I feel happiness.”

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