Module One Day 1

Two official tasks first:

  1. Sign up for student insurance under our school policy. Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals(no charge, we already paid it)    ABMP’s website or call 800-458-2267. Tell them you are a student at The Equine Natural Movement School.
  2. Fill out the STUDENT DATA FORM and mail it to the Workforce Board.

These are the handouts we will use in class today.

1 Ida Rolf & SI

2 ConnectiveTissue

3 Connective Tissue2

4 Touch Skills

5 BodyMap 1

6 BodyMap 2

7 Session One notes


We suggest you print these out and keep them in a 3-hole binder so you can refer to them when you are working on your horse in the barn.

*Strokes Intro                Password for video links is  HorseTouch

Stroke Links               <–URLs of videos listed below

Stroke 1 Shoulder          Shoulder video

Stroke 2 Chest                 Chest video

Stroke 3.Foreleg            Foreleg video

Stroke 4 Ribs                    Ribs video

Stroke 5 Coupling          Coupling video

Stroke 6 Hips                   Hips video

Stroke 7 Hamstring        Hamstring video

Stroke 8 Adductors         Adductor video

Stroke 9 Upper Adductors   Upper Adductor

Stroke 10 Gaskin                Gaskin video

Stroke 11 Serratus Thoracis       Serratus Thoracis

Stroke 12 Barrel                    Barrel video

Stroke 13a Neck Crease     Neck Crease video

Stroke 13b Neck Crease

Stroke 13c Neck Crease

Stroke 14 Withers               Withers video

Stroke 15 Neck                       Neck video