Equine Natural Movement: A Career Working with Horses

photo 3-1Each month we host a week-long training for one of our three basic classes, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. Our September Level 1 & October Level 2 students came in eager to learn, each of them with a unique horse background. They are a joy to work with and are flying through this course with remarkably open minds. We love that!

Our November Level 3 students just completed their training here and as soon as they finish the last bit of homework at home, they will be certified as Equine Natural Movement practitioners. Then off they’ll go, ready and able to provide sessions that help horses move and feel their best. We expect each of them to have a fantastic practice.

Our Level 3 class will be done with all their practice sessions and homework in three more months, that’s about how long homework takes. Then we’ll welcome more practitioners in Idaho, British Columbia, Iowa, Montana and eastern Washington. LEANNA PAULSON-KITTLESON (Idaho) has a broad background in healing. KELSEY KOSICK (British Columbia) has a people practice in Structural Integration. NANCY ROSE, an osteopathic physician (Iowa) just retired from working with people and now will focus on horse care. KATHY COCHRAN (Montana) and came to our course after she lost her job; this work is her new career. JEN GARCIA is a vet tech and will be setting up her practice in Ellensburg, WA.

At work with student horses

Emily Peters(On the right) Once we free up restrictions, horses like to see what they can do with that part of their body. EMILY PETERS TORNGA (CA) got some nice release work done on her student horse and he approved by showing her how far he could reach, fully lifting his neck from deep in his chest. This is CORE MOVEMENT!

Eva Gerster



(Left) Students learn how to feel and identify the different layers of tissue. Student EVA GERSTER from Switzerland practices “deep listening” in Level One. Notice how the horse is tuned in and paying attention to her through his body.



Join us for an UPCOMING CLASS

Our next Level One class is December 6-12 and we’d love to have you here. Room and board are available nearby, airport pickups and no need to rent a car. Students fly in to Portland, Oregon. Our farm is in southwest Washington.

Advanced Class on last day
Advanced Class on last day

Winter Classes — More of the 2016 schedule here

Level One  December 6 – 12 (2015)


Level Three December 27, 2015 – January 2, 2016

Level One  March 15-21

Level Two January 18-24

Level Three February 15-21

Most students take a few months in between each class to complete their homework. As an example, this December’s Level One class will attend Level Two in April, then Level Three in August. Once all your papers and horse homework sessions are complete, most students will complete all the requirements (310 hrs) for certification in fall of 2016, just about a year after starting.

Call and speak with Jacqueline (the school director). We’re happy to get all your questions answered about our school. Learn more about us at www.EquineNaturalMovement.com