Equine Careers Start Here!

Equine Careers begin with classes at Equine Natural Movement School. Classes start again soon.

Module 1: Learning Basic Sessions

PhoenixHoof Equine CareersWe teach a Module One class each quarter. Soon we will be adding some online classes to allow students to do portions of their training from home.

Module 2: Learning the Series

Classes for Equine Careers continue with our next Module 2 class.

Module 3: Understanding the Series, Intermediate Level


Build a Professional Practice that actually earns Money and gives you plenty of Great Publicity while being Authentic and Honest

Janine Callaghan Equine CareersThis uniques course for Equine Careers is taught in an online format, so you can build your business as you do the assignments from home. You may take this 10-part class anytime after completing one module of training.

Equine Careers: We Aim To Please!

If you have particular dates that are better for you, please let us know. Sometimes we can book those dates to accommodate students who have tight schedules. One of our students came three years in a row during his spring break. With advanced notice, we can make things work.

Equine Careers begin at Equine Natural Movement School.