Welcome to the Authentic Business Course!

We are excited and honored to welcome you to your first day of the Authentic Business Course at The Equine Natural Movement School.  As we work together via online classes and/or in-person training, we hope you find the value of being authentic and honest both with yourselves and in your business.

This Business Course is where you’re going to find your grateful audience and develop a thriving business, all while being completely authentic to the person you are. I’m sure you’ll be really, really happy about the results on the other end, and I hope you have a wonderful and enlightening time as we go through the next few months together.

The lessons are grouped together into three modules.  Module 1 contains lessons 1-3, Module 2 contains lessons 4-6 and Module 3 contains lessons 7-10.  While you work through the lessons, it is okay to move to the next module if you’ve completed all the lessons in the previous one and would like to pick up your pace.

These classes may task you a bit to stretch into new areas so hang onto your hat and let’s dive in.

Joseph with Kelly Snyder who practices in North Carolina

Before you get started with the Modules below, let’s cover a little housekeeping to get you going.

  1. What We’re Doing
  2. Let Me Put Your Mind at Ease
  3. The First Lesson
  4. Completed Homework
  5. Got Questions?

In each section we have exercises and written homework, which you will submit online via email (more details about that below).
Here’s what our topics and goals are:

  • Figure out what business you are in and who you work for
  • Get clear about who your perfect client is and where to find her/him
  • Learn where your niche is
  • Develop a marketing plan in the first half of the class and implement it during the last half
  • Identify and dissolve barriers to promotion
  • Identify and dissolve issues around money and your true value
  • Connect with your clients and prospective clients through relationship marketing
  • Develop your marketing materials and know how to use them well
  • Understand language and perception
  • Have ten paying clients setup by the end of the course and know where and how to find more
  • Know how to keep at this until the miracle happens

If you are thinking this looks complicated, you are not alone. Over the years, many students have faced and mastered this learning curve. I have no expectations that any of you know this ahead of time so don’t worry, we’re on a business-building team and we’re all here to help and support each other succeeding at this.
There, feel better?

Please read the 12 Principles of Authentic Promotion before class. Consider printing it and keeping it in your binder, or, if you have the workbook you can find it on page 5.

The first lesson starts under Module 1 (or click link below).

If you would like to print any or all of the lesson information to refer back to offline, here is the link: (LINK to Lesson Printouts)

We also recommend keeping your homework in a 3-ring binder so you can refer back to these steps once you are starting your practice. You’ll be surprised how much use you will get out of these lessons in the real world.

Please complete your homework as you work through the lessons and email it to Jacqueline for feedback. 

Sharing is good! Smart students we have — it benefits everyone when we share homework. We will have more about HOW to share in the Introduction to Module 1.  Also look through the workbook and website for examples of homework from past students to help you.

PDF files are preferred as homework uploads (super easy to do from any platform, just “save as pdf” or “export as pdf”, though you can also email MS Word, Apple Pages and Google Docs.

Please use this format for the file:

Biz# _ Topic _ Your name

(Example: Biz3_Client_BetsyRoss)

Our intention is that you complete the first three lessons before the start of MODULE TWO. Please send in your homework as you complete it. Please stay up to date so we don’t lose anyone along the way. If you need more time, email me (biz@equinenaturalmovement.com) so we can work through it together. For most assignments you will have 2 weeks to complete them and upload them. That gives us a few days to go over everyone’s homework to provide you with really great feedback.

Module 1

How to Have an Authentic and Honest Business

Module 2

Equine Business News

Module 3

How Will Clients Find You?


That seems to cover it all. Got questions? Feel free to ask. Email works well for me BIZ@EquineNaturalMovement.com and I’m good about getting back to you within a day but if you have a pressing question you can always call me at 360-687-8384.


We want this to be a seamless experience both online and in person with a lot of learning and growing. Please DO complete the homework assignments in order from lessons 1-10.  If you want to work ahead, you are more than welcome to! Remember, email your homework as you complete it. 

QUESTIONS? You can always reach me at BIZ@EquineNaturalMovement.com

Monica Uruchurtu
Monica Uruchurtu
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