Authentic Business Lesson 8

Lesson Eight gets us started looking at and developing our Marketing Materials.

Our Marketing Materials <– Read this letter to get you started.


Here is Joseph’s Brochure. Print out all four pages and see if you can get all eight sections in the right order. This is designed to be printed double-sided on cardstock and in color, with two staples in the middle fold. I’m having you do this because initially it may feel complicated, but there will be a day (soon) when you are printing, collating, folding and stapling your own. Even if you have the printer do it, you will need to explain the steps and order. Feel free to borrow whatever is useful to you when you start your own.

Rocky, the Kiger mustang who almost was put down before one of our students, Tim Westfall, was asked to work with him. Rocky came back to full function.

2-7 Cover In            8-1 Cover Out

4-5 Pg 2 Inside      6-3 Pg 2 Out


Listen to an AUDIO FILE of students discussing this topic. (not active yet)



  1. Samples of good and not-so-good business cards, brochures, news or magazine ads, websites (include links or photos)
  2. Look at all marketing materials with educated eyes. Would this make me sign up, call, buy or donate? Why not?
  3. Write five taglines that would light your clients up.
  4. More photos that show your sparkling personality!
  5. Brochure outline

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