Authentic Business Lesson 6


What is Structural Integration?

Lesson Six is about  Defining Structural Integration, asking good questions and listening skills

This lesson works really well in print (above) and as a group audio. Read the letter above and listen to the student discussion below and you’ll get a lot out of it.

Let’s talk about how we can ASK GOOD QUESTIONS.

Asking Good Questions  (text)

This letter — Eva’s 1 year report — is really interesting. Graduate Eva Gerster, who practices in Switzerland, sent an update on how she built her practice over her first year. Have a look at everything she did to get her business running well. Go, Eva!

Eva Gerster practices in Switzerland

You have THREE WEEKS from today to complete this section. Please parcel out the tasks so you have enough time to get it all done and sent back to me.

  • Write 20 drawing-out questions

Then try them all out. Elderly people are really good for practice. Give compliments and start a conversation. Talk with horse people about their horses. Send your list of ten opening questions. They don’t have to be Nobel Prize questions, just good normal natural ones.

  • Deliver 25 compliments

Describe one example of a cool conversation you had.

  • Followup – Speaking dates set for your talk(s)
  • Your article — If I’ve sent back your outline, you’re ready to do a first pass on writing your article. Send it as you finish. Once you get your first edit back from me, send me a current rewrite. Integrate everything you’ve learned up to here. The sooner you get these in, the more time I have to work with them.
  • Where is this article going? Have you got from that publication’s website how you submit an article? Include the name of the publication when you send in your article, and have a second one on the back burner in case the first place is not taking new ones.
  • What are three stories of success you’ve had with the series? Write them into two paragraphs (before, what we did, how that turned out). These are stories that you’ve already lived and will be in your reference file to use in conversations, short write-ups, website, etc. Mail them to your fellow students so we also have stories that start with, “I have a practitioner friend who…”
  • Followup – Bio, bio photos, and more work done on your article

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