Authentic Business Lesson 5

Lesson Five


OPEN THIS LETTER (5 pt 1)  print it out and follow along as you watch the video,

VIDEO 5 Part One  —  Visualizing success, testimonials, right client, bio photos, and survey

Have a look at Two Surveys done by students



Video 5 Part Two  —  How to do a well-organized public talk (and have fun)


I believe students get more out of the session by hearing the info twice. Here is all the above into in one 22 minute file. This is perfect for listening to while you are making lunch or driving somewhere.

Lesson 5  Review


Hear an Audio-file of students and me discussing the topics in this section.

Cheat Sheet — review my notes on this topic


You have THREE WEEKS to complete both sections. Please parcel out the tasks so you have enough time to get it all done and sent in.

Questions? You can always reach me at