Authentic Business Lesson 3


How will clients find you?


Bobbi Jackson practices in Pennsylvania and Montreal

Print it out and follow along as you watch the video.



Fear habit review
What do your clients read?
How to write an article synopsis
Zippy magazine titles 


Read these files:

    * Magazine Article Titles

   * Choosing the Right Barn 

   *  Evocative Words
       How do certain words speak with your heart?


Read the written transcript of the video.
Some students find it helpful to download and print it.
When I give an example in the video and it’s nice to see it all written out.

Read the Transcript Here



You have THREE WEEKS from today to complete this section.
This section has a lot! Please parcel out the tasks so you have
enough time to get it all done and sent back.

1.  Write synopsis of two articles.
2. Five titles of articles you could write.
3. Spend daily time in the good company of your own thoughts


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