Authentic Business Lesson 10

Last session! Congratulations on making it all the way through.

If you use all the methods we covered in this year-long class. I am confident you will have a thriving and joyful practice in short order.

Letter:  Completing the Course

A Snippet from Margo


Lesson 10 Part 1 — Marketing

Lesson 10 Part 2 — Planning Your Future

Lesson 10 Part 3 — Momentum


Once I have a copy of all your homework, I will mark that you have completed this class.

If you get your video testimonial posted on your website or in social media, you get extra praise.

You will have done all this:

1. Identified your ideal client 

2. Identified your gremlins 

3. Survey, 3 testimonials

4. Photos for flyers and bio  

5. A ride-along

6. Speaking engagement  

7. Article written and submitted

8. Booked five new clients 

9. Brochure and business card

10. Website 

11. Flyer

12. Video testimonial posted on YouTube or your website

Once you’ve done all this, keep doing it again and again. Practice and develop your talents. If you liked writing, write LOTS more articles. If you like speaking, book yourself to talk every month or two. Strike up conversations and draw people out so they shine and be generous with compliments to others. 

People really will see you as an expert — and you are an expert! Network and develop relationships with other professionals. Don’t stand on the sidelines in awe of them. You know more about THIS topic than anyone in your area.

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Remember you can email me anytime to help you with talking points for presentations, give you feedback on print materials or tidy up an article. I’m glad to help and sincerely want you to succeed. And do keep in touch with the others in your class. We ALL want you to be the best you can possibly be.

Jacqueline & Joseph

Here is a very short video for you — Joseph & Jacqueline – Congratulations!