Advanced Class

Liberate ALL the Fascia!

Has this happened to you? You are adept at Equine Structural Integration and can skillfully free up most of the fascial system. That works with almost every horse you touch, yet once in awhile when you are working with a horse, you are surprised to find you can only take him just so far. His structure is still compromised and his movement patterns don’t really make sense, leaving you wondering where that horse’s issues are rooted.

Joseph has worked on thousands of horses over the past 20 years yet sometimes that happened to him, too. He felt frustrated trying to address these conundrums when he’d come across a horse who didn’t shift. It might be rooted in a hard cast that caused an ongoing organ imbalance, or a jamming injury that created tangled adhesions around delicate nerves, or a tumbling fall that compressed and bound up deep blood vessels. All these injuries introduced complicated restrictions that prevented true, free movement.

Joseph started working on finding ways to access places beyond the reach of the strokes, places too remote for rudimentary reorganization. He developed ways to perceive the holding and shifts in distant locales and figured out how to produce essential changes that access the wisdom of the body. This new combination of approaches elevates the series work you are using. In the Advanced Class, you learn how to…

    • Engage the relational reactivity of the body’s fascial network
    • Release the deep chronic holding that drives surface patterns
    • Use your energetic sensitivity to shift tissue structure and relationships
    • Balance the core in a way that enriches structural and emotional integrity
  • Blend this work with the series you currently practice

Open to graduates with one or more years of experience. We are looking for practitioners who’ve had their hands on lots of horses. This class is full of hands-on work in our characteristically friendly teaching environment. We hope you can attend.

May 8 – 11, 2019           Classes at Friendly Haven Rise Farm

Tuition $1500

We have made arrangements for students to stay at an exquisite home (six bedrooms, on a private lake, whole house for students).  — $300

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