Letters from Our Graduates

“Just wanted to tell you about a lovely moment I had last weekend with a horse I was working on. I was working on his forearm when he turned his head and wrapped his neck round me. He rested his muzzle on my shoulder and just stayed there! He eventually let out a big sigh and turned his head away. It was like he was hugging me and felt really nice. I wanted to share that with you because I’ve never had a horse do that to me before. It was lovely. Thank you so much for everything you do.”
Pauline Higgins, United Kingdom

“Every session makes me realize that this is my heart’s calling. Thank you for leading me down this path.”
Lucy Metcalf, Oregon

“From the beginning of class this felt like a great group, so much curiosity and life in one bunch of people. The teachers set a tone for us that made a profound difference in how we handled the horses and our ability to contact a deeper part of ourselves. Observing the changes in the horses I worked with convinced me of the value of this work. I needed to see something profound and, over and over, I witnessed, felt and sensed changes. I have tremendous respect for the depth and power of this work.”
Judith Hovetter, New Mexico

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