Professional Training

I share much of my time with horses, helping them feel and perform better. Each time I put my hands on a horse, I know how lucky I am to do this work.
— Joseph Freeman

The Equine Natural Movement Series Professional Equine Training

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Module One

  1. Horse owners, riders and trainers who want to understand horses from a different perspective and care for them with sensitivity and kindness.
  2. Bodywork practitioners who work with humans who want a stronger knowledge of non-verbal communication and to enhance their touch skills beyond their current abilities. Experienced bodyworkers tell us they were surprised how much their human sessions improved after taking this course.

Module One is the first step for people who want to begin a career working with horses. While we focus on career development, occasionally we have permitted candidates with a strong horse background to take only the first course and use it to develop a stronger understanding, more respectful and kind relationship with their horse.

Module Two and Beyond …

The full Professional Equine Training is for people who’d like to create an interesting and fulfilling career working with horses with the Equine Natural Movement Series.

During the Professional Training students work closely with faculty in small groups of no more than six students to ensure each student gets plenty of personal guidance. They study anatomy, movement, structural integration, bodywork and horse communication and psychology. We also offer an extensive business module for graduates that helps get a thriving business in place in the year following graduation. Upon satisfactory completion of this program, graduates receive certification in The Equine Natural Movement Series and are qualified to use their skills to begin a successful equine career.

We offer FIVE levels of training (500 hours) in both hands-on and online classes. Students who satisfactorily complete the first three courses (including homework and independent study assignments) are certified as Basic Level Practitioners at 300 hours. Students who have taken Module One may begin the Business Course. After graduation and completing more series work, students can apply for the Advanced Course.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Advanced Course, graduates are certified as Advanced Level Practitioners. Students who complete the Advanced Course and have exemplary experience as practitioners may be invited to enter the Teacher Training and become Assistant Teachers.


    • Learning Basic Sessions
    • The Equine Natural Movement Series — Learning the Series, Equine Anatomy
    • The Equine Natural Movement Series — Understanding the Series, Intermediate Level


  • Building a Professional Practice that actually earns money and gives you plenty of great publicity while being authentic and honest


  • Advanced Series Work, Horse Psychology & Wisdom
  • Teacher Training Track

Email us your name, address and phone number and we will send you a new student info package. You can also click on the School Application PDF link (up top) to download a shorter version that you can read now. The full school info packet also includes a series of magazine articles about the work and interviews with successful practitioners and faculty. We’re happy to mail you one!

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